Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chicken & Rice Biscuit

Last Sunday, I tried out a new dog biscuit recipe...Chicken & Rice Biscuit. Ingredients are Minced chicken, chicken broth, canola oil, whole wheat flour.

Compared with the Beef Barley biscuit that I previously baked, I think the Chicken & Rice biscuit smell much more better than the Beef Barley biscuit. Probably because I don't eat beef that's why I find the Beef Barley biscuit not as good as the Chicken & Rice biscuit.

I will be trying out a mixed veggie biscuit later.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


A friend who has a Shih Tzu dog told me that she never feed her dog with beef as according to her that her dog suffer from skin itchiness (skin allergy) when consuming beef as part of her meal. If beef was given to her dog, the skin problems will occur again. She advise me not to feed my dogs with beef...I am wondering if anyone out there facing the same problems.

I ony feed my dogs with stewed beef once a week.

Healthy Dog Biscuit

My sister just got back from UK and bought me a pack of cookie cutter with various shapes. So decided to bake some Healthy dog biscuits on Christmas day for my dogs.

I like the shape of the cookie cute!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beef Barley Biscuit

Finished baking Beef Barley Biscuit....I think it's quite difficult to roll the dough as the barley keep on falling out...but lucklily the finished products are successful. Have to wait for the feedback from other doggies to see if they like this biscuit.

As usual, Hapi, Jolly, Mike & Tom love the biscuit...except Tiki who is a picky eater, all newly introduced biscuit for Tiki, he will needs time to like the biscuit...fussy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pumpkin Biscuit

This afternoon, I baked Healthy Biscuit and Pumpkin Biscuit...runing out of time so for the Beef Barley Biscuit, I will have to bake tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Biscuit making

Most of the basic dog biscuit ingredients are simple like whole wheat flour, eggs, honey, dog's milk powder, canola oil, chicken or beef broth and for a premium biscuit that include fish, chicken or beef liver, minced beef or chicken, carrot, pumpkin, barley or apple...will take up more time to do the preparation.

The amount of beef or chicken broth to be used, sometime if I followed the quantity stated in the recipe book, the dough turns out to be too wet & sticky and it's impossible to roll the dough and require a lot of flour to be put on the wooden board & rolling pin. Now, I add in the liquid spoon by spoon to make sure they are in the right quantity and the dough turn out to be just the right texture.

For premium biscuit that I baked, like Fish Biscuit-my mom bought me fresh fish from the wet market and then cleaned the fish. My mom will steamed or boiled the fish, then removed the bones and only keep the meat and the fish stock. I will blend the meat & fish stock in the blender to puree. For carrot biscuits, I normally steam or boiled the carrot till cooked and then blend the cooked carrot as I am too lazy to use a fork to make the carrot into mashed carrot. Well for the chicken or liver biscuit, as usual the liver will be cleaned to remove all the fats around and cut into small pieces and fry with canola oil till cooked and again blend into puree. For barley, have to cook a few hours earlier to make sure that barley is properly cooked. And for the apples, I normally peel the skin and grated the apple by hand, I use the grated apple & the juice for the biscuits.

For the chicken broth or beef broth, I normally use freshly cooked one that prepared in the morning.

All my basic biscuits are coated with a layer of egg yolk to make the biscuit looks shinny and smells yummy too.

It's time consuming, I normally start baking in the afternoon, if there are more than 2 types of biscuits to be baked, I will have to bake until 8pm or 9pm. The biscuit stick is more easier to make as I only need to roll the dough by hand into a stick shape, I do not have to cut the dough one by ine using a cookie cutter.

These dog biscuits require at least 30 minutes to bake...

Dog Biscuits

This Friday evening I will bake Healthy Biscuit Stick and on Saturday afternoon I will bake Carrot Biscuit or Pumpkin Biscuit and Beef Barley Biscuit. If my mom decided to cook pumpkin on Saturday then I will ask her for some pumpkin for the biscuit if not I will have to switch to Carrot. Pumpkin can be consumed by dogs but not in large quantities.

Pumpkin is good for constipation, if dogs consume a lot of pumpkin, the stool will be soft. Pumpkin is also consist of Vitamin A.

I am trying out this new recipe - Beef Barley Biscuit which I have to fry the beef till cooked and put it into the blender together with cooked barley and blend into puree.

On Sunday, I will try out a baked meatloaf recipe for my dog

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fish Biscuit

Yesterday, I baked Healthy dog biscuit and stick and Fish my dogs like the Fish biscuit and I thin it smell nice and yummy.

Next weekend, I will try out some new recipe...still deciding on which one to try

Friday, December 5, 2008

Doggie Softies

Recently, during the evenings I had spent my all my time sewing these scottie dogs...I think they are super cute....and make a good Christmas gifts.

Next Saturday, I will try and bake some special Christmas biscuits for all the doggies that I know and deliver to them the next day....I hope that I will not be lazy on Christmas day as I promised to cook a special Christmas meal for all my doggies at home..ha...ha


Looking at the doggie album and suddenly come across these funny pictures of Tom...He looks really funny in the pictures

Monday, December 1, 2008

Homemade Biscuit

Last Saturday, as usual I baked Healthy dog biscuit & Apple Oatmeal biscuit. The Apple Oatmeal biscuit is sweeter than the earlier version as I have used a bigger Fuji Apple, grated apple and the juice to mix into the flour, I tried one piece of the biscuit and I find this one much suitable for my taste but it's too hard..he..he

This coming Saturday, I have yet to decide what I shall bake, I think I will bake Healthy dog biscuit and Beef liver biscuit or Pumpkin biscuit or Chicken Barley or Fishy biscuit...still deciding on any one of these. Will think about it first or shall ask around before making my decision

I am so so glad to hear that rodents like my home-baked biscuit...I never thought that beside dogs, even rodents will like my's great at least it is a healthy biscuit with no preservatives.