Friday, October 31, 2008


Hapi is a Shih Tze mix, he is 3 1/2 years old. Hapi is actually my sis's dog, my mom & I have been taking care of Hapi on behalf of my sis who is still studying in UK. Hapi is a charming boy, everyone loves him. Each time if he did something bad when we wanted to scold him and if we look into his big innocent eyes, we will not scold him at the end. Hapi is treated like a Prince at home, he acted as he is the big brother among the other dogs, he tends to forget about his size as compare with the others. Hapi also like to eat, eat & eat, he had put on a lot of weight and it's really hard to make him lose weight. Hapi sleeps with my mom. The other dogs have their own house. When comes to grooming, we will have a headache, his slightly curl hair grow very fast, it's really not fun to groom Hapi, take a lot of time & patience.


Mike is also 4 years old, he is Tom's brother. Like Tom, Mike is also a Mongrel. Mike had lost some weight lately before that Mike is the largest as compare with the others. Mike is more attached to his human friends, he like to lay down or sit beside me when I do my sewing or watching TV. Like Tom, he also loves to eat especially biscuits, he will do anything you asked in order to get his biscuits. The bad thing about Mike is that when he starts barking, it will be non-stop until he is tired, his barks will trigger my headache...his bark is like an echo ringing inside your ear and travel to your heads...then the headache started...Mike is also very stubborn!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dog's Breakfast Recipe

Srambled Eggs


1 cup finely chopped chicken liver
1 large egg - slightly beaten
1 tsp. Canola oil

1) Grease your pan lightly with oil on medium heat.
2) Cook the liver, stir-fried until liver is properly cooked
3) Pour in the egg mixture
4) Mix well until your scrambled eggs are ready

Happy Cooking!!

Did you know... (Part 1)

Did you know.....Dogs sweat through their paw pads and their nose?
Did you know.....A dog's sense of smell is one million times greater than ours?
Did you know.....All dogs will eat the excretions of catsdue to their Vitamin D content?
Did you know.....The unconditional love from a pet relieves stress?
Did you know......Milk contains lactose is not a natural food for dogs and they are unable to digest it properly, causing diarrhea?
Did you know.....40% of dog owners carry pictures of their dogs in their wallets?
Did you know.....the first dog biscuits were made in England in the 1860s?

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Tom is a mongrel, he is 4 years old, just celebrated his barkday! He is very intelligent, playful & very naughty.

He likes to catch lizards & spider. He is a spoiled dog, he lives indoor and can walks around the house.

He enjoy sleeping & taking his afternoon nap on his favourite red sofa. He enjoy eating most of my homemade biscuits..he likes to eat, eat & eat and he had put on some weight lately.

Apple & Oatmeal Dog Biscuit

Apple & Oatmeal Dog Biscuits...what a wonderful combination..

Smells yummy...tasted by Mike, Tom & Hapi...comment: Super Yummy & very crunchy!

My 5 dogs had finished the Carrot Doggie Cake that I baked last night...guess I have to bake again...

Doggy Carrot Cake

Last night, I baked a Doggy Carrot Cake for my dogs, the recipe is from one of my doggie food recipe book. The cake turns out good. It smells so nice that I am tempted to eat them all, I managed to test a small slice, it taste good but only not sweet enough for human taste bud.
Please see above pictures of my Doggy Carrot cake.

My dogs love the cake very much....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Freshly Bake Dog Biscuit

Just finished baking the Healthy Dog Biscuit...I started at 1:30pm and managed to get all the biscuits baked at 3:30pm.

The biscuits smell so nice & yummy !

Friday, October 24, 2008


Tried making some home-made beef liver treats for my dogs but not successful cause I've baked it too long and it burns a bit, some of the smaller pieces are black like charcoal..ha..ha!

But the rest still o.k. It is crunchy and the smell of liver makes the dog go crazy! Dogs love livers - chicken liver or beef liver. Liver contains Vitamin A, but I read from a book that it says nit recommend to feed livers daily to dogs as excessive Vitamin A will become toxic to the dog.

Next time, when your dogs don't feel like eating, add some cooked liver to their meal, it will make them eat again.

Not recommend to feed dogs with pork liver as you have to be very sure that the pork liver is properly cooked or else will have problems with intestinal parasites/worms.

Home-cooked meal

Please see pictures of my dogs home-cooked meal - Chicken Breast with Liver & Soup + some dry food. This is yesterday's lunch & dinner.

Yummy Breakfast

Breakfast is a good start of the day!!

Please see pictures of the yummy Oatmeal breakfast cooked with chicken broth & green peas.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Qatmeal porridge

Today I cooked Qatmeal porridge for my boys & girl with Chicken broth from lat night dinner and I added some green peas. They love green peas. I wil post the picture of my doggie breakfast later in the evening or tomorrow morning.

Will try out a new dog biscuit recipe this weekend - "Apple & Qatmeal Biscuit". Tried making honey muffin last night but failed, will try again tonight. If successful, will post the picture tomorrow.

My boys & girl will be having steam egg as their breakfast tomorrow...they r really lucky!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Home-cooked meal for your dog

I feed my dogs home-cooked meal & a little commercial dry food daily.

I use a slow cooker to do the cooking as I have to work. By the time I reach home during lunchtime, their meal will be cooked. I will put enough water in the slow cooker then add in the meat, when they are cooked, my dogs can enjoy their meal that contains meat, soup and usually I will add in some cooked rice into their bowl. After they finished everything, I will feed them some dry food.

My dogs home-cooked menu are:

Monday - Beef + carrot
Tuesday - Chicken
Wednesday - Chicken + Liver
Thursday - Chicken + Sweet potatoes
Friday - Chicken + Liver + green peas
Saturday - chicken
Sunday - Chicken + carrot

The leftover soup will be kept in the fridge to be used for cooking the Qatmeal porridge the next morning.

They are happy & healthy

Breakfast for your dog

I think dogs can benefit from breakfast too, it helps to keep dogs energetic and prevent dogs from vomitting yellowish/greenish bile in the morning which is usually caused by empty stomach.

I cooked breakfast for my dogs every morning, their breakfast menu are as follows:-

1) Qatmeal cooked with chicken stock (fresh home-made)
2)Qatmeal cooked with dog's milk
3) Qatmeal with Beef stock (fresh home-made)
4) Qatmeal with chicken liver
5) Hard boiled eggs
6) Steam egg with chicken stock

Every morning, Mike, Tom, Tiki, Jolly & Hapi are looking forward to their breakfast.

About storing of homemade dog biscuits

Homemade dog biscuits should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature. They should keep for at least 1 month.

For savoury biscuit that contains of meat, the biscuit should be kept in the refrigerator and best to consume within 2 weeks

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Harmful to dogs

Food that are harmful to dogs are like chocolate, caffeine, yeast dough, grapes, raisins, onion, garlic etc. We need to be very careful when feeding our furry friends.

Another is Toad, have to be very careful with toads, my boy nearly died because of toad. Tom - my boy has this bad behaviour that he like to capture lizards, insects. One night when I bring him out to pee pee before bedtime, I did not noticed that there's a toad there and Tom captured the toad and bit it in his mouth. The toad spit some poison stuff and Tom quickly let go of the toad, instantly, bubbles coming out from his mouth, white foam coming out from his mouth, he is shivering, I am so worried, keep on crying thinking that I will lose him, I phoned the vet and was advised to hose water to clean Tom's mouth and feed him water with a bit of salt to induce him of vomiting. He vomitted and later feel better, we were given pills for Tom, luckily he survived. I am so afraid of toad when I see one, so I am very careful after this incident to not let him get near any toads.

Pictures of my 5 dogs

Have just delivered a 150g healthy dog biscuits to Amy, she's my first customer. Later, I received her SMS telling me that her dog loves my biscuits, I am so glad to hear that..

Please see pictures of my 5 dogs who loves eating my home-made biscuits & cakes.

Home-Made healthy dog Biscuit-Pictures

attaching some pictures of the biscuits that I baked yesterday for my dogs - Mike, Tom, Hapi, Tiki & Jolly. They love the biscuits very much, I have been baking the biscuits every weekend to feed my 5 dogs. I am also feeding a female dog by the name of Natasha which I kept in the office, Natasha also loves the biscuit. I feel so happy each time I see them enjoying eating the biscuit that I bake and knowing what ingredients I have used in the biscuit, I need not worry about things like preservatives etc.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home-made dog biscuit

I have just completed baking some dog biscuits for my boys and also baking for Amy's dog, I got my first order for dog biscuit. I recommended 100gm to try out and see if the dogs like my biscuit or not, if yes then can order more next time, if not you won;t waste money, buying a lot. I am selling 100gm at B$2.00...I hope all the doggies will like my biscuit. Will post a picture of the cookie later.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Healthy Dog Biscuits

Healthy dog biscuit for your dog! Freshly bake with human comsumable ingredients like whole wheat flour, eggs, honey, dog milk powder, canola oil & Qatmeal. Unlike commercial dog biscuit that contains preservative, by-products, flavour & colouring which is harmful to your dog. This home-make cookie does not have any colouring, preservative & artificial flavouring.