Monday, February 23, 2009

Tiki & Jolly



Tiki & Jolly
My husband & I rescued 5 puppies from a shop house in September 2007. The puppies belonged to Natasha..a dog that stay in the shophouse area. My husband is feeding Natasha daily with cooked meal from home. The 5 puppies are 2 females - Jolly & Lulu, 3 males - Lucky, Tiki & Bozo. We rescued the puppies from the mother Natasha because Natasha is so skinny and her body is unable to recover after giving birth, she also do not have much milk to feed the puppies. We separated Natasha from her puppies as we afraid that she might died, she lost her appetites, she is so skinny and you can see the bones from her body. We have no where to keep the puppies, we temporary kept the puppies in the warehouse...feed them and toilet trained the puppies. Luckily we are able to rehome some of the puppies. The remaining 2 puppies are Tiki & Jolly that we are unable to find them a home so we kept them in our house. Natasha recovered and she now put on weight...healthy & happy. My husband & myself later sent Natasha to the vet for spaying. She is now healthy and happy, we fed her home-cooked meal from home, we also put her on the worming tablets
In Brunei, we have a lot of stray dogs on the street...those are abandoned puppies/dogs and the numbers are growing. It's really sad to see this skinny stray dogs wandering around searching for food. Sometimes, people will kick them, throw stones at them, most of them are killed when trying to cross the roads. Recently, many kind-hearted people had come together and set-up Brunei first Animal Shelter, these people are all volunteers trying to save and help those poor stray dogs and puppies. I am also one of the member of the Animal Shelter Brunei and I hope more people will join us as members to help prebent cruelty to animals and to help stray cats & dogs in Brunei.

Recipe: Salmon Burger

Hi...I'm usual so busy with work and have not time to update my blog.
If your dogs love can try out the recipe below.

Salmon Burger

1 1/4 pound salmon fish fillet (remove skin & bone)
1 large egg
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 cup of porridge

1) Steam Salmon fillet
2) Place all ingredients in a large bowl except the oil and combine well
3) Refrigerate at least 1 hour orovernight.
4) Shape the mixture into burger shape
5) Place a large skillet over high heat and when it's hot, add the oil
6) Add the burgers and cooked until brown..3 to 5 minutes on each side
7) set aside to cool in room temperature